Cubic scene builder

132  illustrations elements
32   Scenes
30   Characters
70   Elements

Designed with straight and neat lines, you will not find illustrations like these. With different elements and characters, you are able to create unique scenes to fit your narrative and designs.

Cubic pack is an illustration scene builder where characters and elements are made with clean outlines and immaculate strokes that was made to give a simple and graceful feel while keeping up with their funny goofiness that make these characters different from other illustrations. Just because they have straight lines doesn’t mean that they aren’t lively. All illustrations are vectors which means you can edit them however you want to fit your design projects.

Build your own scene easily with these ready made Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD libraries or just use the Ai file source to modify what you need. Also we included optimized SVG files and transparent background PNG for website and application use.

Included in this illustration pack

  • Vector and raster file formats for all design applications
    .xd .ai .sketch .fig .svg .Png iconjar
  • Standard license - Royalty Free commercial use
  • Free updates, currently at ver 1
  • 25% Discount on icons bundle
  • Cloud backup access via Dropbox

Design elements in this pack


Empty state ready made illustration scenes for your next project. Just drop your text next to these and you are done, you can also use the scenes as template and change the characters and elements inside to mix and match your design.

settings, options, preferences, woman

man, trash, sort, envelope, messaging

man, confirm, wifi, wireless, internet

man, gear, website, browser, repair

multimedia, media, play, video, woman

music, audio, sound, entertainment, woman

smartphone, protection, security, umbrella, shield

survey, man, confirm, browser, webpage, checkmark

woman, conversation, speech, graph, chart, analytics

man, mailbox, inbox, search, question

woman, finance, dollar, online, banking

woman, shape, shapes, sort

gallery, image, photo, picture, man

man, layout, website, browser, webpage

man, workspace, checklist, office

document, paper, page, man

error, woman, problem, website

search, files, folder, woman, scan

duplicate webpage, browser, webpage, website, man

man, delivery, truck, location, package

man, waiting, loading, paper, document

man, search, cloud, storage

woman, graph, ecology, agriculture, gardening

woman, music, audio, media, headphone

notification, bell, ring, sound, audio, woman

lock, privacy, security, protection, woman

woman, workspace, graph, chart, office

man, lock, protection, privacy, key

location, pin, marker, navigation, destination, man

woman, shopping, online, ecommerce, clothing

man, profile, account, user, gallery, social, media

man, search, route, location


These are the essense of each of our illustrations, the main actors that deliver your message. We really care about character design and try to include as many position, actions and diversity as we can, this way we make sure that you have everything you need to create a nice illustration. If we missed a character or a pose just send us an e-mail and we'll add it I our future updates.

female, woman, person

woman, unsure, confused, female

man, hold, envelope, cardboard

woman, gardening, watering, hat

woman, music, audio, media, entertainment

hipster woman, woman, female, person

man, smartphone, phone, device

hipster man, man, male, person

male, man, person

man, discover, search, find

man, woman, wave, lean

man, computer, laptop, workspace

man, male, person

man, key, lock, protection, privacy

woman, computer, monitor, workspace

pointing man, man, male, person

woman, sort, mail, envelope, message

man, think, search, find

man, umbrella, weather, forecast

woman, female, person

pointing woman, woman, female, person

woman, bend, run, female

woman, shopping, shop, ecommerce

older woman, woman, female, person

man, ladder, handyman, fix, repair

woman, ball, hold, throw, sport

man, box, package, delivery

man, wrench, repair, handyman

older man, man, male, person

woman, sort, shape, circle, square


Vector elements that can be used along with characters and backgrounds to build illustration scenes. Easy to edit and recolor in any vector file editor.

email, mail, envelope, message, messaging

confirm, approve, complete, checkmark

shopping basket, shopping, basket, ecommerce, commerce

dollar, money, finance, accounting, bank

computer, laptop, device, electronic

nightstand, table, furniture, furnishing, interior

computer, monitor, screen, electronic, device

music, audio, website, browser, media

mailbox, mail, inbox, messaging, communication

lock, locked, privacy, protection, security, safety

account, user, profile, person

shelves, shelf, books, shelving

clouds, cloudy, weather, forecast, mountain

potted plants, plants, flower, floral, decor, interior

options, settings, preferences, dials, turn on, turn off

charge, battery, power, energy, charging

multimedia, media, video, play, movie

city, skyline, buildings, building, location

city skyline, city, skyline, buildings, building, location

bar chart, chart, graph, analytics, statistics

settings, options, preferences, gear, website, browser

delivery, truck, box, package, vehicle, transportation

smartphone, phone, telephone, electronic, device

park tree, tree, plant, nature, ecology

browser, website, webpage, page, website

gallery, image, photo, picture, frame

paper, page, document, duplicate

notification, bell, ring, audio, sound

desk chair, chair, furniture, furnishing

graph, chart, analytics, statistics, window, browser

laptop, computer, device, electronic

upload, cloud, storage, arrow, up, transfer

plant, plants, leaves, ecology, agriculture

windows, window, circle, square, curved

files, folders, sort, storage, website, browser

alert, warning, danger, notification

table, nightstand, furniture, furnishing, interior

cancel, delete, remove, close

coffee table, table, mug, drink, beverage

shapes, 3d, dimensional, shape, circle

music, audio, sound, music note, entertainment

add, new, plus, create

loading, bar, browser, window

error, 404, page, website, browser

bank, browser, finance, dollar, website, browser

chair, chairs, furniture, furnishing, interior, decor

trash, garbadge, bin, rubbish

umbrella, protection, insurance, weather

bushes, plants, nature, ecology

research, search, scan, magnifier

location, pin, marker, navigation, destination

folder, storage, filing, file

clothes, clothing, website, rating, review, ecommerce

sun, moon, night, day, weather, forecast

duplicate webpage, webpage, browser, website

tree, park, plant, nature, ecology

mountain, landscape, outdoors, mountains

checklist, list, to do, website, browser, window

monitor, computer, screen, electronic, device

desk, lamp, lighting, light, furnishing

settings, options, preferences, gear

forest tree, forest, tree, plant, nature, ecology

chart, graph, analytics, statitistics

wifi, wireless, internet, connection

chair, furniture, furnishing, decor, decoration

article, webbrowser, browser, webpage, web

shield, protection, protection, safety

clock, time, alarm, timer

rating, review, star, stars

delete, minus, remove, delete

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