Edge illustrations

90  illustrations elements
90   Characters

If you like clean edges and sharp outlines, you came to the right place. This illustration pack is a wonderful collection of characters with a certain … edge. Great for hero banners and empty state scenes.

The Edge Illustration pack is unlike any other, with sharp edges and boxy characters, that perform a lot of actions and can definitely help you deliver the message you need. There is a huge variety of characters that will give you the creative freedom to exceed even your own expectations. The illustration pack is fully vector and exported in optimized SVG files for web use, meaning that they can be adjusted completely to your taste including the size and colors.

We also included Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD ready libraries for drag and drop use, along the regular SVG, Ai and PNG Formats.

Included in this illustration pack

  • Vector and raster file formats for all design applications
    .xd .ai .sketch .fig .svg .Png iconjar
  • Standard license - Royalty Free commercial use
  • Free updates, currently at ver 1
  • 25% Discount on Roundicons.com icons bundle
  • Cloud backup access via Dropbox

Design elements in this pack


These are the essense of each of our illustrations, the main actors that deliver your message. We really care about character design and try to include as many position, actions and diversity as we can, this way we make sure that you have everything you need to create a nice illustration. If we missed a character or a pose just send us an e-mail and we'll add it I our future updates.

carry, move, box, man, character

woman, female, girl, dance, jump

music, sound, skating, skateboard, woman, girl

woman, transportation, travel, luggage, baggage

woman, girl, box, suitcase, luggage

boy, man, skateboard, skating, activity

woman, female, girl, smartphone, phone

woman, exercise, workout, girl

girl, woman, ball, play

home, fishbowl, woman, music, headphone

man, carry, helmet, construction

woman, walk, handbag, purse

man, smartphone, tablet, email, message

woman, shield, protection, safet, security

pencil, edit, draw, design, man

woman, smartphone, hat, shorts

female, woman, girl, person

child, woman, girl, jump, dance

dollar, money, smartphone, man, male

man, chat, text, smartphone, communication

man, choose, choice, stairs

man, design, layout, select, choice

woman, cake, food, pastry, bakery

girl, female, woman, dance, dancing

woman, carry, box, deliver, girl

female, woman, girl, walk

man, envelope, message, email, communication

female, girl, woman, balloon, decoration

girl, woman, female, choose, choice

man, gardener, lawn mower, mower, gardening

girl, skateboard, skating, briefcase, suitcase

man, eat, meal, mug, table, stool

handstand, woman, girl, female, exercise

woman, gym, workout, weights, exercise

woman, bathing suit, swimming, clothes, clothing

woman, sit, fall, celebrate

woman, gardener, lawn mower, mower, gardening

exercise, woman, female, girl, relaxation, leisure

woman, female, girl, ball, sit

woman, skating, skateboard, activity, sport

woman, child, girl, school girl, uniform

boy, man, sit, sitting

man, headphone, entertainment, music

toolbox, tools, man, male, suitcase

man, male, scooter, briefcase, suitcase

girl, woman, female, character, smartphone

man, pencil, edit, design, draw

woman, man, suitcase, baggage, briefcase

woman, music, headphones, entertainment

female, girl, woman, sit, chair

winter, autumn, wind, woman, wall, sit

woman, settings, options, preferences, gears, stairs, suitcase

woman, female, girl, box, carry

woman, female, girl, lean

man, clipboard, chart, document, paper

boy, man, boombox, spaker, music, entertainment

balloon, woman, female, decor, decoration

boy, child, ball, sport, game

woman, couch, girl, music, audio, entertainment

woman, lady, girl, walk

girl, woman, backpack, carry, book

woman, relax, chair, mug, browser

woman, computer, desk, plant, graph

girl, woman, sit, stool, chair

girl, woman, sit, settings, options, gears

girl, female, woman, choose, select

celebrate, woman, female, girl

girl, woman, female, document, paper, page

woman, armchair, chair, tablet, message

woman, female, drink, beverage, table, chair

man, suitcase, umbrella, suit

woman, female, food, eat, chair

man, male, document, compare, stool

ballerina, dance, woman, girl, female

woman, girl, female, likes, social media

man, drink, beverage, table, chair

girl, woman, female, person, character

microphone, mic, man, male

man, boy, carry, books

woman, shopping, shop, shopping bags, bags

woman, travel, transportation, luggage, baggage

woman, luggage, baggage, travel

man, sit, chair, home, angry

carry, woman, female, girl

man, male, select, selection, choice

man, sit, chair, armchair, male

woman, leisure, chair, home, armchair

man, lean, layout, graphic, design

woman, design, art, layout, girl

girl, woman, book, read, education

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