Lemon illustrations

66  illustrations elements
66   Scenes

Looking for a sweet and friendly looking illustration pack? Lemon illustrations is a new style featuring a monochrome color that can be changed to fit your designs easily. Check out this awesome new illustration pack.

The Lemon illustration pack is the newest addition to our creative family and they are more than
happy to show you what they can do. They have soft outlines and curved lines, making them
very smooth and subdued. All our illustration packs are vectors, making them super easy to edit
and resize according to your graphic design needs.

The pack comes with original Ai source files, Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, PNG and Iconjar library.

Included in this illustration pack

  • Vector and raster file formats for all design applications
    .xd .ai .sketch .fig .svg .Png iconjar
  • Standard license - Royalty Free commercial use
  • Free updates, currently at ver 1
  • 25% Discount on Roundicons.com icons bundle
  • Cloud backup access via Dropbox

Design elements in this pack


Empty state ready made illustration scenes for your next project. Just drop your text next to these and you are done, you can also use the scenes as template and change the characters and elements inside to mix and match your design.

woman, female, person, musician, music, entertainment, performance, performer

woman, female, person, lock, locked, key, padlock, security, privacy

man, male, notes, pen, write, paper, page, document

woman, female, person, bookmark, heart, favourite, favorite

man, male, person, furniture, furnishing, cupboard, shelves, moving, movers

woman, female, person, calculator, calculations, calculate, device, math, finance, accounting

man, male, person, count, money, finance, cash, coin

woman, female, person, rocket, launch, start up, project, complete

woman, female, person, workspace, desk, computer, laptop

man, male, dice, game, gambling, casino, play

woman, female, shopping, bag, shop, groceries, catelogue

woman, female, person, box, package, logistic, delivery

man, male, person, microchip, chip, hardware, computer, technology

woman, female, person, eat, food, gastronomy, restaurant, cooking, meal

man, male, person, download, arrow, cloud, storage, transfer

man, male, person, trash, rubbish, bin, garbage

man, male, person, car, vehicle, automobile, race, game, sport, win

man, male, person, box, package, unbox, parcel, shipping, surprise

man, male, person, announcement, marketing, sale, discount, percentage, coupon

man, male, shopping, cart, shop, groceries

man, male, person, painting, maintenance, construction

man, woman, boss, employee, conversation, communication, business

man, woman, female, male, person, layout, customize, settings, preferences, browser, website

man, male, person, call, communication, conversation, phone, customer service

woman, female, person, race, winner, winning, run, game, sport

man, delivery, male, person, logisitics, ecommerce

woman, female, ubox, box, package, delivery, shapes

man, male, shipping, logistics, box, package, delivery

man, male, person, trophy, award, reward, cup, star

woman, female, person, projection, project, diagram, presentation, business, graph

man, male, person, island, boat, travel, holiday, vacation, tropical

woman, female, person, paper, airplane, memo, message, conversation, communication

man, male, person, plane, airplane, play, game, travel, location, navigation, destination

woman, female, person, smartphone, phone, mobile, ecommerce, discount, sale

woman, female, cards, gambling, game, casino

man, male, person, settings, preferences, maintenance, options, gear, screwdriver

man, woman, female, male, person, heart, love, romance, valentine, relationship

man, male, person, pencil, draw, note, document, page, paper

woman, female, person, medal, award, reward, ribbon, heart

woman, female, person, shape, choice, document

man, play, game, toy, action, figures

woman, female, person, train, play, game, location, navigation, destination, marker

male, man, person, build, project, flag, construction, wall

woman, female, button, dial, options, preferences, settings

man, scale, weight, business, law, court, suitcase

man, male, person, entrance, enter, key, door, lock, security

woman, female, calendar, date, appointment, day, month

man, male, person, workspace, desk, computer, monitor

woman, female, person, basketball, sport, game, activity, hobby, ball

woman, female, person, time, management, clock, deadline, file, folder, document

woman, female, arrow, up, money, finance, dollar, bag

man, woman, female, male, person, idea, thought, plant, innovation, investment

woman, female, person, game, play, boardgame, strategy

man, male, person, gallery, image, picture, photography

man, male, security, protection, insurance, confirm

man, woman, female, male, person, music, audio, sound, entertainment, dance, celebrate

woman, female, person, document, transfer, upload, arrow

woman, female, rating, star, review, stars

woman, female, gardening, garden, flower, watering

woman, female, question, mark, info, information

man, male, person, musician, music, entertainment, hobby, performance, performer

man, male, person, alien, ufo, smartphone, notification, warning, danger, spy

woman, female, person, lab, laboratory, chemistry, experiment

man, male, credit card, finance, banking, bank, payment

woman, female, person, view, vision, explore, navigation, browse, browsing

man, play, game, kite, activity, hobby

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